The Hovercraft !!!!

Hovercraft !!!! “What is it??” will be the question in your mind after reading the title of the post itself.Some might be knowing about it…but majority might be hearing this word for the first time in their life!!!!…OK…jokes apart…I have written this blog to just give you rough idea about ‘HOVERCRAFT ‘.

A hovercraft is an amphibious vehicle that is supported by a cushion of slightly pressurized air. Although often seen as a mysterious, even bizarre mode of transportation, it is conceptually quite simple.To understand how hovercraft work, it is necessary to realize that the dynamics are more closely related to aircraft than to boats or automobiles.

Hovercraft float on a cushion of air that has been forced under the craft by a fan. This causes the craft to rise or lift.  The amount of total weight that a hovercraft can raise is equal to cushion pressure multiplied by the area of the hovercraft. To make the craft function more efficiently, it is necessary to limit the cushion air from escaping, so the air is contained by the use of what is called a hovercraft skirt.

Once “lifted” or “on cushion”, thrust must be created to move the hovercraft forward. With many craft, this is generated by a separate engine from the one used to create the lift, but with some, the same engine is used for both. As the diagram above indicates, the fan-generated air stream is split so that part of the air is directed under the hull for lift, while most of it is used for thrust.

Now that the hovercraft has lift and thrust, it must be steered safely. This is achieved through the use of a system of rudders behind the fan, controlled by handlebars up front.

I think this will be enough to clear your concept of ‘HOVERCRAFT’.


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